On Friday 21/02/2020 the Chamber of Achaia has  opened the Pit Stop LAB in Patras. The Grand Opening was attended by Ms Maria Spiraki, Member of the European Parliament, who reminded the  importance of European programs, such as Interreg, and how the development of each country depends on the development of its people’s skills.

For the event there was the President of Chamber of Achaia, Mr Marlafekas, who focused on how much  the cycle of demand – investment requires constant effort and ideas to work.

In this regard, Pit Stop LAB plays a crucial role. Forge of creativity and innovation, the LAB is a  working space for the training and the incubation of new start-ups. The new space is a great opportunity to support Greek entrepreneurs to develop their innovative ideas, with a specific focus on the Urban Regeneration and on the ICT field linked to the concept of “Smart Citizen” in order to transform the human capital of the cities to a driving force of the smart services of the urban environment.